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Co. Wicklow

Code of Conduct - A reminder from Leinster Hockey to all participants including on and at the side of pitches

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Bray Hockey Club committee have received the following correspondence from Leinster Hockey. Bray also highlight to all participants - including players, coaches, parents and supporters - that the Code of Conduct applies to everyone as we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all.


The Board & Hockey Committees are concerned at the level of umpire abuse and breaches of the Leinster Hockey Code of Conduct that have been reported recently.  Breaches in discipline will not be tolerated and will be penalised.

Every Leinster Hockey Club and School is reminded that all players, coaches, management teams and umpires are subject to the Leinster Code of Conduct (click here).  In respect of umpires, those not appointed by the LHUA fall under the jurisdiction of the club/school.   We ask that all Club Secretaries and Schools Administrators ensure that all participants are made aware of this.

The Leinster Hockey Code of Conduct states that

(i) Members and officials shall at all times conduct themselves fairly, properly and in an acceptable manner on the field of play and any part of the hockey venue/accommodation.

(ii) No person may conduct himself/herself in a manner or commit any act or omission which may prejudice the interest of hockey or which may bring the game of hockey in disrepute.

(iii)Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the following shall be regarded as conduct that is improper, unfair, and unacceptable:

a. Threatening to use or using verbal/physical abuse or hostility towards any other participant, person or any other member of the public

b. Disputing, protesting and/or reacting in a provocative or disapproving manner in an inappropriate way toward any decision made by an umpire or official.

c. Feigning injury and/or overreacting to an alleged breach or decision.

d. Charging or advancing or towards an umpire or technical official in an aggressive manner when appealing.

e. Using rude or abusive language or hand signals.

f. Abuse of hockey equipment clothing, venue equipment or fixtures and fittings.

g. Abuse of equipment such as throwing of a stick

h. Never approach or confront an umpire or technical official and behave in an inappropriate or unwelcomed manner, or to argue/question decisions made during the match, within the 20-minute cool-off period following the end of the match

Clubs and schools might look to introduce the following protocols/procedures to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct

· Have teams shake hands with opposition and umpires before games to encourage sportsmanship. 

· Ask managers and coaches to help to control bad language by subbing off players for a few minutes 

· Have umpires discuss with captains their responsibility before game to deter questions during game and help develop  a relationship

Your assistance on this is greatly appreciated as we look to ensure Hockey is played in the right spirit and continues to be enjoyable for all.

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